The Second Circle

S02E02: Captain Birdseye

February 02, 2018 The Second Circle Season 2 Episode 2
The Second Circle
S02E02: Captain Birdseye
Show Notes

Time Magazine have honoured the people who spoke out about sexual harassment this year, but what does this mean for the future? We look at the pros and cons of data-gathering sex tech and Rob ruins one of Franki’s sexual fantasies by recasting its key protagonist. We also talk about the role of fantasy in sex and discuss the best ways to ask someone to wee on you.


TIME magazine named “The Silence Breakers” as person of the year in this moving feature.

We have a look at Mail Online’s story about the so-called “smart condom” that can gather data about your sex habits and rate your performance in the bedroom.

Writer Nancy Friday has died aged 84. We discuss her work researching and writing about sexual fantasy.

Studies into sex offenders suggest that seuxal fantasy does not necessarily guide behaviour.

If you find it tricky to talk about sexual fantasies with your partner, we found apps such as Kindu can help.

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