The Second Circle

S02E03: Orgasm quota

February 23, 2018 The Second Circle Season 2 Episode 3
The Second Circle
S02E03: Orgasm quota
Show Notes

Iceland is considering banning male circumcision. We discuss what the deal is with foreskins and whether it matters if you have one or not. Rob learns some new ways to boost a female partner’s chances of orgasm… but is orgasm even the best part of sex? And if it’s not, what is? Meanwhile, Franki is getting excited about upcoming sex writers’ conference Eroticon and answering some questions about that.


Eroticon is running March 17-18 and you can get tickets HERE.

MPs in Iceland have proposed a bill that would criminalise male circumcision. We ask what the big deal is with foreskins. This BBC article from 2012 talks about some of the issues with desensitisation. Meanwhile

Rob’s found yet another Tracey Cox advice article in Mail Online to deconstruct. This time it’s about maximising female orgasms.

Sex blogger Clarisse Thorn wrote about why orgasm is not her favourite part of sex. We discuss whether or not we agree.

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