The Second Circle

S02E04: Cunnilingus pants

March 02, 2018 The Second Circle Season 2 Episode 4
The Second Circle
S02E04: Cunnilingus pants
Show Notes

Are there any parts of sex that you find a bit disgusting? And is it OK to skip the bits you don’t like? We discuss straight men’s attitudes to female orgasms and why a pair of pants that shields you from bodily fluids while giving head is NOT empowering. Plus to do when you get a pube stuck in your mouth and Rob gets the lowdown on male masturbators.


This person wants to know why his girlfriend masturbates after sex. Sex blogger Girl On The Net has some suggestions.

Meanwhile this bloke reckons he has never failed to give a female partner an orgasm. Sure, mate.

Oh, and here are some pants to wear during cunnilingus.

Charlotte Roche’s 2008 bestseller Wetlands is available here.

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