The Second Circle

S02E10: Prawn positive

October 26, 2018 The Second Circle Season 2 Episode 10
The Second Circle
S02E10: Prawn positive
Show Notes

October was a depressing month for sex news but we managed to dig out a few rays of hope in the form of a new type of condom. We discuss the consultation on the Gender Recognition Act, dodgy biscuits and the appointment of Brett Kavanagh to the US Supreme Court. Then Franki sits down with porn performer Lina Bembe to talk about the ethics of porn (both producers and viewers!) and also how the heck you have an orgasm “by accident”.


This RightsInfo feature has a good breakdown of the legal rights being discussed and fought for in the debate around the Gender Recognition Act.

You can find out all about the self-lubricating condom here (although you’ll have to wait for Franki’s thrust report!)

Lina recommended us some fantastic ethical porn sites. If you’re interested you can check them out here:

Bright Desire

Erika Lust

Blue Artichoke Films

Pink Label

We also talked about Four Chambers and not forgetting Ersties themselves! You can hear Lina and her colleagues on the Ersties Podcast here.

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