The Second Circle

S03E07: Sex… with yourself

December 10, 2019 The Second Circle Season 3 Episode 7
The Second Circle
S03E07: Sex… with yourself
Show Notes

Welcome to The Second Circle. A sex podcast for overthinkers.

In episode seven, Franki talks to sex educator Ruby Stevenson about why wanking gets a bad rap and whether masturbation it could ever be considered as important as partnered sex. In The Overthinkers Guide To Sex we hear how a disappointing sexual encounter turned out to have unexpected benefits for Rory.

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In discussing Rory’s pigeon story, we talk about the rates of erectile dysfunction among young men. We also point out that almost half of men in their 30s report having trouble getting hard at times (and that this is NOT the same as erectile dysfunction) and that this can be for a number of reasons, as outlined here.

The Second Circle is a sex and gender politics podcast produced and hosted by journalist Franki Cookney. It seeks to bring some (okay, a LOT) of the nuance back into discussions of sex, relationships, and gender and challenges the idea that sex doesn’t deserve the same thought and attention that we give to the rest of our lives.

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