The Second Circle

S03E06: Sex… and transition

December 10, 2019 The Second Circle Season 3 Episode 6
The Second Circle
S03E06: Sex… and transition
Show Notes

Welcome to The Second Circle. A sex podcast for overthinkers.

On this episode Franki talks to trans activist and all-round kinkster Alyssa Henley about her experiences with sex and gender identity. And in The Overthinkers Guide To Sex, we hear how alcohol shaped Africa Brooke‘s relationship with sex and how she went about relearning how to connect with her body now that she’s sober. Download on your favourite podcast app now.

Alyssa is the CEO of LGBTQ charity Support U in Reading.

In discussing Africa’s story, we mention a study by University College London which found that the proportion of 16 to 24-year-olds who do not drink alcohol has increased. But we also point this this recent Atlantic article that said that actually not that many people have quit altogether.

The Second Circle is a sex and gender politics podcast produced and hosted by journalist Franki Cookney. It seeks to bring some (okay, a LOT) of the nuance back into discussions of sex, relationships, and gender and challenges the idea that sex doesn’t deserve the same thought and attention that we give to the rest of our lives.

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