The Second Circle

S04E05 Why don’t I want sex?

March 14, 2022 The Second Circle Season 4 Episode 5
The Second Circle
S04E05 Why don’t I want sex?
Show Notes

Somewhere along the way we’ve been taught that desire should just exist without any conscious effort, like hunger or thirst. And if it doesn’t – uh oh – that means something is wrong. But this idea of sex as a “drive” is actually a myth. And like so many myths, it’s standing in the way of us having good, fulfilling sex lives. 

The Second Circle is produced, written, hosted by Franki Cookney
Audio production: Anouszka Tate
Title track: Roof - Big Spoon (Instrumental Version)
Background music: From Now On - Small Circuits / Beautiful Minds - Brighter Than Tomorrow / Maybe - The Universe is a Bitch 

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